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General FAQ

Can I hire you to create my website?
What is your refund policy?
Do I need to pay a retainer fee?

Do I need to pay a retainer fee?

Yes! We book a number of clients who are looking to get a website up as soon as possible. Once we book the design week for you, that means we do not book anyone else. The retainer fee is non-refundable to make sure that we honor the week we’ve set aside just for you, and for our other clients.

I have a logo, how can i send it?
The best quality of a logo is a vector, you can send that in an eps. Depending on
How long does this process take?

The actual design week is only 5 days. We book design weeks a month or so out giving you plenty of time to complete your branding assignment. Please carefully consider which design week you choose, because we will need you to be available to work with our designer to provide feedback and information quickly.


I don't have a URL or hosting
That is perfectly ok, we can get you up and running with an available URL & hosting.
I have a URL & hosting
Thats great! we will need access to your accounts if you would like us to maintain and take over. If not point us in the direction of your tech person and we will work together.
I'm not a "techy" person
This is the #1 concern of our clients. If you do not feel comfortable doing any “tech” things, we have someone to look after that for you.
Can I customize the designs?

CADD/3D Rendering

I Don't have Blacklines
I have Floorplans Already
I have CADD files
That’s great! if you can send us those files if you are getting renderings done, ither DWG or PDF- we can get started.

Touch Tech

Can i put my website on?
Yes, you can
What do these do?
Is this user friendly?
How do I turn it on?
Touch Technolgy has its own toturial page coming soon

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